How to Make Money – Try Reseller Hosting

 Web hosting may be essentially classified into three categories such as reseller hosting, shared or virtual web hosting or dedicated website hosting. While the most common type used is the shared web hosting where people have their account with a website hosting company and usually pay a monthly or annual fee in lieu for a pre determined amount of bandwidth. Other extras include support for working with PHP, ASP and CGI and more. Most of this shared web hosting account will allow the subscribers to host only one domain at a point of time, with support of panel with single control. In most cases, this may be all that most people will require and thus this kind of website hosting is quite popular. The web hosts that have just started out may not have enough funds to afford their own server, and often they might not have enough time to dedicate for server maintenance. Moreover, one might not have infrastructure to market and develop the upcoming web venture. These websites require that they host on the servers of other web hosting companies. The problems of hosting these sites will be still there, if the company offering the hosting services are in similar situation. These website hosting providers will not be able to offer competitive packages without amplified expense of purchasing or renting their own server. This is where the need for reseller hosting comes into the scenario. What reseller hosting is all about? Reseller hosting is the kind of web hosting where the web host purchases a bulk hosting plan from the reseller web hosting company, and resells these web hosting services to other web owners or individual users. The reseller hosting agent provides upscale hosting packages at fixed cost, and at substantial packages for specifications based on bandwidth and space, along with the provision of hosting massive domain names. The individual host may be able to concentrate more on providing attractive packages and hosting services to their clients without the need of having their own server, which eliminates the cost of maintaining and repairing their own server.

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